thank you to everyone who donated to help get this association off the ground. You have our gratitude.

(***position on the board dictates your coin number)

1. Claude Bidal Flag of Ontario.svg 2. Jack Peters Flag of Ontario.svg 3. Cheryl Wiart Flag of Alberta.svg 4. Tyler Mancuso Flag of Ontario.svg
5. Xana Ouellette Flag of Ontario.svg 6. Brian Schinke Flag of Saskatchewan.svg 7. Nick Rose  Flag of Nova Scotia.svg 8. Jaime Campbell Flag of Saskatchewan.svg
9. Gordon Frowen Flag of Ontario.svg 10. Ian Brown Flag of Saskatchewan.svg 11. Clayton Dirksen Flag of Alberta.svg 12. Cody Bates Flag of Alberta.svg
13. William Breen Flag of Saskatchewan.svg 14. Ryland McNutt Flag of Nova Scotia.svg 15. Travis Rinas Flag of British Columbia.svg 16. Darcy Parker Flag of Saskatchewan.svg
17. Donald Doherty Flag of Alberta.svg 18. Jason Devoy Flag of Ontario.svg 19. Joel Pinsk Flag of Ontario.svg 20. Yvonne Harder Flag of Manitoba.svg
21. Beth Andrews Flag of Ontario.svg 22. Bobbi Buchanan Flag of Saskatchewan.svg 23. Eddy Afram Flag of Quebec.svg 24. Steve Patterson Flag of Ontario.svg
25. Tyler Lindal Flag of British Columbia.svg 26. Graham Yeske Flag of Alberta.svg 27. Stacy Church Flag of Saskatchewan.svg 28. James Osborn Flag of Ontario.svg
29. Cameron Drever Flag of Ontario.svg 30. Matthieu St-Jean Flag of Ontario.svg 31. Wayne Wilson Flag of Ontario.svg 32. Roger Bower Flag of Yukon.svg
33. Scott Farrell Flag of Ontario.svg 34. Jérôme Trudel Flag of Quebec.svg 35. Kenneth Piercey Flag of Ontario.svg 36. Mathew Stotyn Flag of British Columbia.svg
37. Pascal Robidoux Flag of Quebec.svg 38. Donald Rankin Flag of New Brunswick.svg 39. Robert Paige Flag of Manitoba.svg 40. Mathieu Picard Flag of Nunavut.svg
41. Robert Anderson Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg 42. Michael Cameron Flag of Quebec.svg 43. Jordy Reichson Flag of Quebec.svg 44. Dan Klaas Flag of Alberta.svg
45. Nathan Hicke Flag of British Columbia.svg 46. Carvell McNutt Flag of Nova Scotia.svg 47. David Humble Flag of Saskatchewan.svg 48. Robert Harley Flag of Ontario.svg
49. Christian Villeneuve Flag of Quebec.svg 50. Kendra Savage Flag of Manitoba.svg 51. Jayde Ward Flag of Manitoba.svg 52. Corbee Dutchburn Flag of Ontario.svg
53. Fraser MacKinnon Flag of British Columbia.svg 54. Liam Vanderbraak Flag of Ontario.svg 55. Jayden Dayman Flag of Saskatchewan.svg 56. Alexander Johns Flag of Ontario.svg
57. Bryan Phillips Flag of British Columbia.svg 58. Paul Bernard Jr. Flag of New Brunswick.svg 59. Eric Brand Flag of British Columbia.svg 60. Alexander Luckham Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg
61. Martin Garreau Flag of Alberta.svg 62. Michael Lessard Flag of Quebec.svg 63. Stéphane Bénard Flag of Quebec.svg 64. Michael Mahuda Flag of Ontario.svg
65. Brad Smith Flag of Ontario.svg 66. Kirsten Fischer Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg 67. Stacey Barnes Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg 68. Randy Anderson Flag of Manitoba.svg
69. Tyler Oxford Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador.svg 70. André Thiffault Flag of Quebec.svg 71. Lavan Thirukketheesawaranathan Flag of Saskatchewan.svg 72. Dale Jones (ON)Flag of Ontario.svg
73. Benjamin Torres Flag of Saskatchewan.svg 74. Niteesh Jain Flag of Saskatchewan.svg 75. Kimberly Nuttall Flag of Alberta.svg 76. Ramesh Vijay Flag of Ontario.svg
77. Niroshan Sivakumar Flag of Ontario.svg 78. Andrew Sritharan Flag of Ontario.svg 79. Cole Shaver  Flag of British Columbia.svg 80. Victoria Welford Flag of Nova Scotia.svg
81. Nick Barrett Flag of British Columbia.svg 82. Matthew Baillie Flag of British Columbia.svg 83. Anneke Fidler  Flag of British Columbia.svg 84. Nancy Magee Flag of Louisiana
85. Trisha Lampitt Flag of Alberta.svg 86. Floyd House Flag of Alberta.svg 87. Shawn Peremesko Flag of Ontario.svg 88. Kimberley Darbin Flag of Alberta.svg
89. Morgan Monkman Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg 90. Lauren Hargraves Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg 91. Heather Lindey Flag of Ontario.svg 92. Jessie McAllister Flag of Alberta.svg
93. Roylene Nichol Flag of British Columbia.svg 94. Andrew Stanzel Flag of Ontario.svg 95. Doug MacKay Flag of Yukon.svg 96. Nathan Cheng Flag of British Columbia.svg
97. Jeff Coull Flag of Alberta.svg 98. Jason Gabel Flag of Ontario.svg 99. Trevor Mckay Flag of Ontario.svg 100. Jaymes Fenske Flag of British Columbia.svg

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