Our Logo

Our symbol is meant to be recognized rapidly but also conveys deeper meanings within its structure.

The maple leaf represents not only where we serve, but who we serve.

The hands represent the helping hands of volunteerism.

There are six in total describing the qualities of a volunteer responder:

  1. Reliable
  2. Calm demeanor
  3. Sound Judgment (or assessment ability)
  4. Skillful
  5. Effective Communicator
  6. Empathy

The Star of Life was developed in the 70's by the US Department of Transport (the origins of the EMT program).

It has since been adopted to designate Emergency Medical Services pre-hospital care.

The Paramedic Chiefs of Canada have iterated an EMS system that envisions these 6 branches:

 Injury Prevention and Control Emergency Medical Response Community Health
 Emergency Preparedness
 Public Education
 Training & Research

The Rod of Asclepius, often incorrectly identified as the caduceus, is a widely used as the symbol of medical care worldwide. It is named for the Greek mythological figure Asclepius, a physician, who was said to have possessed healing power. Finally, the serpent shedding his skin is a symbol for renewal and healing.

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